Mandarin Chinese and English Translation Services


  • Website Localization

    Translating websites professionally with minimal cost. Phase 1: Direct translation of the translatable content. Phase 2: Marketing and branding related translation. Phase 3: Final layout in pdf format for the Mandarin Chinese website is provided as web dev reference.

  • Simultaneous translation

    We are your bridge to communicate globally. From telephone to Skype calls, business meetings, onsite factory visits, training, seminars and conferences. Our working hours are flexible according to projects for possible international time differences.

  • Document translation

    The Translator is experienced in translating Engineering specs, Medical results, Trading documents, and international news subtitles. We also offer sworn translation for legally recognized documentation such as birth and marriage certificates etc.

  • Learning Mandarin Chinese

    Mandarin Chinese is an easy to speak but hard to read and write language. Our fundamental class has 2 stages: 1. Basic pronunciation and vocabulary in only 6 hours, and 2. Sentence structure and customized contents based on individual needs, from 4 to 10 hours.

  • Tourist Translation

    Travelling with a language barrier can be an inconvenience, from ordering food, understanding guided tours, looking for directions, or shopping experiences. Whether you are travelling to or from Asia, we will be your on tour translator. (Note: we are not licensed tour guides).

  • Team Building

    Does your company work with Chinese speaking suppliers, clients, or even colleagues? We can provide a basic training on Mandarin Chinese. We can design an interactive course with effective activities, and customized content based on your company needs.

The Translator

Hsiao-Han Anna Tang

My name is Hsiao-Han (筱涵), also known as Anna, I was born in a Far East island country called Taiwan and lived there for 14 years before immigrating to Durban, South Africa.

The official language in Taiwan is Traditional Chinese and is my native language alone with Taiwanese, an Asian dialect in the Fukien area. I have also learnt and gained exposure to the Simplified Chinese since 2005, when I started teaching basic Mandarin Chinese to English speakers. The PinYin system uses English alphabets creating great advantage for English speakers to pronounce Chinese.

The different Chinese languages are very interesting stories which I'll share with you in my blog. If you like history, you won't be disappointed to follow.
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