Learning Mandarin Chinese: Travel Conversation

Traveling to Asia may be difficult due to the language barrier, learn to speak a few basic phases in Chinese on travel related conversation will make travelling much more pleasant and your reduce stress level. Before we go into the travel conversation in Chinese, a friendly smile and politeness is the universal language. Let’s start […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese: Pinyin and Tones

Step one on learning to speak Mandarin Chinese is to learn Pinyin pronunciation and tones. Just like alphabets in English, it’s the foundation of a language. Many non-Chinese speaker often use the stereotype phase “Chin Chun Chow” to pretend to speak the language. Throughout the years of doing translation work and teaching Chinese, I’ve had […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese: Hello, world 你好,世界

Have you thought about learning Mandarin Chinese? When learning a new language, greetings are often the first thing to learn. Here’s my hello to the world in Mandarin Chinese: 你好,世界 (Nǐ Hǎo, Shì Jiè) My name is Anna, I’m a Business and Technical Translator between English and Mandarin Chinese. The world’s 2 most spoken languages. […]