Chinese Calligraphy: The writing Techniques

Calligraphy is an art, but also an exercise of meditation in order to be calm and tranquil. A Calligrapher will practice the basic calligraphy writing techniques over and over in order to reach perfection. We talked about the tools required for Chinese calligraphy: the brush pen, the ink stick, paper, and the ink stone. The […]

Chinese Calligraphy: The art of Chinese writing

Every language is an art, especially the ancient Traditional Chinese. The art of Chinese calligraphy writing is the most unique. The Chinese calligraphy goes back to as old as the language and Chinese history, dating back 1300BC. There are 4 elements that are must have for calligraphy. It is call the treasure of a study, […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese: Travel Conversation

Traveling to Asia may be difficult due to the language barrier, learn to speak a few basic phases in Chinese on travel related conversation will make travelling much more pleasant and your reduce stress level. Before we go into the travel conversation in Chinese, a friendly smile and politeness is the universal language. Let’s start […]

Business: Branding and Localization for Asia market

Asia or China alone is a big market and full of opportunities. Asia is one of the first targeting market, when a business goes global. Let’s help you start by pick a Chinese name, and you want to pick it carefully. Because the branding and localization translation result is your very first image and impression to […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese: Pinyin and Tones

Step one on learning to speak Mandarin Chinese is to learn Pinyin pronunciation and tones. Just like alphabets in English, it’s the foundation of a language. Many non-Chinese speaker often use the stereotype phase “Chin Chun Chow” to pretend to speak the language. Throughout the years of doing translation work and teaching Chinese, I’ve had […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese: Hello, world 你好,世界

Have you thought about learning Mandarin Chinese? When learning a new language, greetings are often the first thing to learn. Here’s my hello to the world in Mandarin Chinese: 你好,世界 (Nǐ Hǎo, Shì Jiè) My name is Anna, I’m a Business and Technical Translator between English and Mandarin Chinese. The world’s 2 most spoken languages. […]