Counting Numbers in Chinese- Learning Mandarin Chinese

We use numbers more often than we realize in a our daily lives. For date and time, daily counting, shopping, and much more. In this post we’ll talk about counting numbers in Chinese.

Counting number 1 to 10 in Chinese.

Starting from the very basic numbers in Chinese: 1 to 10, once you can count 1 to 10 in Chinese, you can count up to 99. It’s that simple. The image below demonstrate the simple way of Chinese writing, and Pin Yin, the pronunciation. Follow the voice note and say it with me listen here.

Counting numbers in Chinese 1-10
Counting numbers in Chinese 1-10

Counting 11 – 99.

We said that once you know how to count 1-10, you can count up to 99. It really is that simple, we just need a little bit of basic math. Here’s how:

  • 11 = 10 + 1; so in Chinese, it’s pronounced 10+1 (Shí yī).
  • 12 = 10 + 2; so in Chinese, it’s pronounced 10+2 (Shí èr).
  • So on until 19.
  • 20 = 2 * 10; Number 20 is then pronounced as 2+10 (Èr shí).
  • 21 = 2 * 10 + 1; so number 21 is 2+10+1 (Èr shí yī).
  • 22 = 2 * 10 + 2; so number 22 is 2+10+2 (Èr shí èr).
  • so on until 99.

I have made some voice notes demonstrating counting numbers like the above list, for counting 11 – 30, you can listen here. And for the 10s from 10-90 listen here.

Counting the 100s.

Last but not the least, we move onto 100s. Here’s a demonstration on the Chinese writing of 100, pronouncing as Bǎi. Listen here for the voice note on counting the 100s to 900.

Chinese number hundred.
The Chinese writing for hundred.

There are quite a few voice note for you to follow, so try it out and if you have any questions, or will like to have a full list of Pin Yin on counting 1 to 100. Leave a comment with your email and we’ll send it to you. Next week we will talk about the using of the numbers, and of course starting by using it for money and shopping.

See you next week for: Money related counting in Chinese- Learning Mandarin Chinese

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